Neues C64 Spiel: KNIGHT 'N' GRAIL

Einfach klasse, dass es immer noch Idealisten gibt, die für den geliebten Brotkasten noch Spiele programmieren (man erinnere sich an Turrican 3 :)) Das Arcade-Adventure „Knight ’n’ Grail“ für den C64 ist nun fertig gestellt und ist bei Psytronik erhältlich. 3 Versionen stehen im Shop zur Verfügung: 1. Normale Budget Version für £8.99, die Download Version für £1.99 und die Premium Edition für £12.99.

Die Story:

** KNIGHT 'N' GRAIL STORY ** In an instant we were separated, the flash of light struck the tree. Our tree. She flew headlong a few hundred yards, landing on a flat stone. I tumbled into high grass. The shadow moved towards my beloved one and soon consumed her. Another flash appeared. This time the brightness blinded me totally but I could imagine the scene in front of me. I've heard the story so many times. Now it was finally happening. The curse was upon us. I swore I'd help her shed her serpentine skin and return her to her natural form, no matter what. I turned to the archmage and humbly asked to be able to wield a sword and wear armour. The price for his aid would be the very same item that I was now about to risk my life to obtain. The vessel of restoration. Iron clad and with death in my grip I ventured into the dark to find the goblet of gold.

Die Features:

· Brand new C64 disk-only release! · Special power-ups for your Knight! · Over 200 beautifully crafted screens! · Multiple weapons and armour! · Loads of varied monsters to vanquish! · Huge boss encounters! · Immersive in-game music and sound effects! · End Sequence featuring stunning bitmap screens by Archmage! · PAL and NTSC compatible!

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