Super Mario Vinyl LPs

Bei Ebay konnte man diese seltenen Super Mario Soundtracks ersteigern. Für 101$ gingen die Platten über den virtuellen Ladentisch. Nicht schlecht...

These are 4 Japanese LP's featuring various Super Mario Brothers related music. They are:

- Super Mario Brothers Daiboken "Big Adventure" -
The song is a remix of the original Super Mario game music with added vocals about the game featuring Aya and Nakayoshi Chair Team. Side A is the Super Mario Band version and Side B is the Koopa Family and Super Koopa Band.

- Super Mario Brothers Daiboken "Big Adventure" Not for Sale Preview -
Side A has the song "Mario's Big Adventure". Side B is the song "Go Go Mario!!"

- Peach Hime Daisakusen Soundtrack LP -
Peach Hime Daisakusen "Strategically Saving Princess Peach" was a "Famicom Manga Movie" about Super Mario Brothers made in Japan in the 80's. This has two versions of the title song from the show.

- Super Mario Brothers LP -
I'm not sure where these songs come from but on side A is "Wasa no Momoko" and side B is "Princess Peach's Lullaby Instrumental".

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