Alt/1977: We are not Time Travelers

Alex Varaneses  „Alt/1977: We are not Time Travelers“ zeigt Plakate, die aktuelle  Technologien mit Retrodesign vereint. Großartig!! Mehr dazu auf der offiziellen Homepage.

What would you do if you could travel back in time? Assassinate Marilyn Monroe? Go on a date with Hitler? Obviously. But here’s what I’d do after that: grab all the modern technology I could find, take it to the late 70’s, superficially redesign it all to blend in, start a consumer electronics company to unleash it upon the world, then sit back as I rake in billions, trillions, or even millions of dollars.
I’ve explored that idea in this series by re-imagining four common products from 2010 as if they were designed in 1977: an mp3 player, a laptop, a mobile phone and a handheld video game system.


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