Retrofundstück: Intellivision Microsurgeon

Es gibt einfach Spiele, die sind so einzigartig, dass sie einen Platz ganz vorne auf Retropoly verdient haben! Dazu gehört auch Microsurgeon auf Mattels Intellivision! Ihr kennt Microsurgeon nicht? Na dann schaut euch das Video zum Spiel an! Einfach großartig :)

You're a microsurgeon, and your patient is in critical condition! First you need to examine the patient's medical chart to find out what's wrong, and which conditions are the most critical. Now to save the patient, you control a robot probe which can be used to administer aspirin, antiseptic, or ultrasonics to clear up the problem. You should clear up the most critical conditions first, then move on to the less serious areas to ensure your patient survives. Your probe should navigate through the veins, arteries, and lymph; if you guide the probe outside these areas, it's movement will slow down and swarms of white blood cells will attack it, depleting the limited energy supply. There are 197 different patients you need to help, each with different ailments. (mobygames)

Danke an Bulletrider für den Spieletipp ;)

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