Star Odyssey - Neues Mega Drive Spiel

Ein neues SciFi Rollenspiel soll noch dieses Jahr für Segas Mega Drive erscheinen. Und zwar nicht als Rom, sondern als Modul mit Box und gedrucktem Handbuch. Mehr Infos, Bilder und die Chance auf eine Vorbestellung bekommt ihr hier.

Hier die Story:

When the peaceful planet Delta is surprised with an unprovoked attack by its Radanian allies, the empire considers going to war. Transportation is halted, innocent people are kidnapped or killed and tensions run high.
In the midst of this chaos, confusion and fear, a young man will embark on a long and perilous journey through space to unravel the mysterious intentions of planet Radan and restore peace to the galaxy.
Prepare to enjoy a planet hopping adventure filled with bioengineered beasts, drug smugglers, and crooked political agendas! Blast into the adventure of a future lifetime and save the Union Empire from destruction.
Game features:
Eight planets to explore
Beautiful soundtrack
Space age humor
Voice acted battle cries
Battery backup save function

Star Odyssey ships complete with 16-megabit game cartridge, 25 page full color instruction manual and plastic clamshell case with color insert. All parts are brand new, custom produced by our factory for the highest possible quality.
Star Odyssey plays on any NTSC or PAL Sega Genesis / Mega Drive system, including all compatible systems such as the Nomad, 32X, CDX, X'Eye, Laseractive, etc. Saving and loading your progress via the included SRAM battery is also supported on all systems.


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