Forge - Loom Nachfolger kommt (Fangame)

Ach ja, Loom <seufz> Habe ich damals wirklich sehr gerne gespielt. Das Team von Quill O’ the Wisp ist dabei einen Nachfolger zu programmieren. Eine Techdemo ist bereits verfügbar. Hier sind Details zur Story.

Forge is a fan-made sequel to Loom, LucasArts’ 1990 adventure-game masterpiece. Loom was supposed to have been followed by two additional stories, each following a different protagonist; but these games were sadly never made. Tidbits of their plots can be found online, but these are the only glimpses we have into what those games might have been. Feeling that Loom deserved continuation, we have chosen to carry on the story in the same vintage pixel-art style of the early 1990s.

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