Random Chiptune Mix

Kommt gut ins neue Jahr!

01 00:00 - FearOfDark - Surfing on a sinewave
02 04:57 - ijsf - ymVST extended
03 09:39 - Kindly - AVELife Color Diagnostics 2006.1crk (SofT MANiAC - tuber theme #14)
04 11:28 - BRD (Quazar) - Hybrid song
05 13:41 - Dubmood - EliMiNATiON Keygen #1 / Keygenchip #8
06 14:28 - db soundworks - fast track to browntown
07 16:48 - she - twilight
08 18:22 - trash80 - icarus
09 22:39 - Azureflux - Starworx
10 24:15 - Yerzmyey - Yerzmix Part 4
11 27:25 - FearOfDark - Get a Brian Morans
12 31:40 - Purple Motion - 2nd reality OST (remix by Byproduct)
13 39:20 - Random - Beautiful Brutality
14 41:45 - AceMan - Unreachable

Chris Hülsbeck - The Piano Collection

Eine neues Kickstarter Projekt von Chris Hülsbeck! Das Ziel von $10,000 ist längst erreicht und somit wird das Album produziert.

Join us and take part in the creation of The Chris Huelsbeck Piano Album & The Limited Edition Biographical Score Book. The album will feature the greatest hits by Chris Huelsbeck, performed by Patrick Nevian as wonderful piano renditions. "I'm very excited about this project which I had planned for a very long time! And with all your help and my excellent team we will be able to make history again! :)"

Special: For the first time, Chris Huelsbeck's music will also be available as downloadable sheet music and A Limited Edition Premium Printed and Bound Biographical Score Book! This first edition of 500 limited Score books will be numbered and signed in order of the pledges received and with the higher pledge levels from $119 you'll also get your CD numbered and signed [001-100]! Pianist Patrick Nevian was our perfect choice to arrange and perform the music, since he is a big fan of Chris Huelsbeck's music and had already released a number of fantastic piano renditions of classic Amiga game soundtracks. His natural talent and understanding of the music makes the album recordings shine. Aside from running the audio production of the album, Chris will of course also be supervising and discuss the evolving arrangements with Patrick. Together they will make sure that they turn out absolutely perfect.

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